Parking Downtown


Parking Options

  • New 2020 Rates

    All parking on Tejon Street is metered (2hr. max).

    The operating hours are between 7 AM–10 PM.

    Meters accept credit cards, dimes and quarters only. Rates are $1.25 per hour but decrease to $1 in other parts of downtown.

    Sunday hours are effective from 1 PM to 10 PM at the same rates.

  • Parking at the Alamo Corporate Center is privately managed. To use this on-site lot behind the building, drivers must pay the parking attendants between 8 AM–6 PM. After-hours parking is purchased through the ParkMobile App. (ZONE 9603)

    *Rates subject to change, ParkMobile fee is $0.35

    • 1hr. $4.00
    • Over 1hr. $6.00
    • Over 2hrs. $10.00
    • Over 3hrs. - Daily Max $15.00
    • After 6PM $8.00
    • Weekends $8.00
  • Free parking downtown fills up quickly, but there are options within 3-4 blocks: Sahwatch St. behind the Pikes Peak Center west of our office or on Weber St. near the intersection of Vermijo St. to the east.

  • The nearest city garage is at the corner of Colorado & Nevada Ave., one block east of UCCS Downtown. Rates are $1 per hr. with a $9 max per day.

    After 4 PM and on weekends parking is $1.00 all day. Don’t be afraid to park on the top levels; there are elevators if needed.



102 S Tejon St ste 105-a, Colorado Springs, CO 80903