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UCCS Downtown is the perfect spot for meetings, events, lectures, conferences, and more.


Benefits of UCCS Downtown

Modern Facilities & Amenities

Equipped with the latest technology to cater to all A/V needs, UCCS Downtown provides microphones and speakers for presentations and video conferences.

Additional Amenities:

  • Free coffee & tea for UCCS Downtown donors and alumni.
  • Convenient downtown parking.
  • Professional staff available for tech support.
Reservation Availability

Our space reservation policy offers several advanced booking options seven days a week:

  • UCCS Students & Employees: Up to one year in advance.
  • UCCS alumni &  UCCS Downtown donors: Up to 6 months in advance.
  • Unaffiliated with UCCS: Up to 3 months in advance.

For more information regarding reserving our space, contact the UCCS Downtown Director, Zak Kroger.

Accessible & Affordable

UCCS Downtown offers three locations that can be reserved separately or together, all completely free to use.*

*Reservations can be made for up to 27 free hours per week. Please see additional details below.

Individual Spaces

Click here for a top-down view and dimensions of the space


The classroom offers fully customizable tables and seating for up to 30 people (or 46 without tables and adding chairs from the conference room). The space includes a webcam/speaker system and 26 feet of whiteboards (markers included). Guests can connect their laptops to the 86-inch touch-screen computer/monitor, or use the built in computer system. They can also connect their laptops to our ceiling projector and 13-foot screen (which retracts into the ceiling when not in use).

This space is ideal for classes, lectures, large group meetings, video conferences, and even ping-pong!

See common configurations here.

Conference Room

The conference room seats up to 16 people. The space includes a webcam/speaker system and 18 feet of whiteboards (markers included). Guests can connect their laptops to the 86-inch touch-screen computer/monitor, or use the built-in computer system.

This space is ideal for small group meetings, study groups, and video conferences.


The lounge seats 26 people around 6 circular tables, with an additional 6 upholstered chairs and 4 stools, with standing room for an additional 30.

This space is ideal for break-out groups, receptions, networking events, and food service.

Study Space

This cozy study area is perfect for small group collaboration with full access to the installed technology. The 60-inch touch-screen computer/monitor raises and lowers from its pictured height.

Food or beverages are not permitted in the study space.

Please note that the study space is not able to be reserved, as it is part of the lounge.

Reservation Policies & Guidelines

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